Where I stand...

Role of Secretary of State

This office should have the widest range of duties including but not limited to:

  • Member of State Land Board
  • Custodian of bills, acts, and other legislative records
  • Register Trademarks
  • Administer Election Laws - Chief Elections Officer
  • Issue Corporate Charters
  • Publishing duties
  • Register lobbyists
  • Process notaries public

Elimination of office

By legislative action over the past 40 years they have removed nearly all of the duties La Follete once had as Secretary of State. Those duties were taken and given to un-elected board that the voters of Wisconsin have no recourse against. 

Since the office has become only a mandated office with virtually no duties, I can understand why the legislature would consider the elimination of the office. 

However, while Wisconsin has been busy pruning Secretary La Follete's responsibilities, most states have continued to expanded the role. Some duties in other states include: head of the DMV, monitoring charitable giving, and participation in the state's international trade activities.

The people of Wisconsin deserve to have a Secretary of State that does a lot for Wisconsin.