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(Racine, WI) – Today Bill Folk announces that he will seek the Republican nomination for Secretary of State.

“When people are asked what the Secretary of State does, the response is usually a blank stare. We should not have any elected office in Wisconsin that is met with that type of response.

In 42 states the Secretary is responsible for administration of Corporate Business information...but not in Wisconsin.  In 39 states the Secretary is the Chief Elections Officer and administers the Uniform Commercial Code…but not in Wisconsin.  In 44 states the secretary registers Trademarks and supplies notaries…but not in Wisconsin. All of these duties and more were once part of the office but under La Follete the legislature has removed them.

There is a better way.

Today I’m announcing that I will seek the Republican nomination and the office of Secretary of State for Wisconsin.

When I’m elected next November I will work with the legislature and the Governor to re-establish the functions that the Secretary of State had prior to La Follete’s 40 year tenure.  This will provide the voters of Wisconsin with an elected, accountable officeholder that has significant objectives.

I ask for your support today and look forward to serving the people of Wisconsin.”

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Posted on December 3, 2013 .